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Terms and Conditions

1. Terms of Use

Our website (the Site) has been developed and is maintained by Moreinkcartridges.ca (we, us and our). We currently allow access to the Site free-of-charge to users who agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Our site and business is operated in Quebec, Canada. By cooperating with Moreinkcartridges.ca you agree that all disputes, regardless of whether we are the plaintiff or defendant will be settled in a court of competent jurisdiction for the Quebec.

Moreinkcartridges.ca reserves the right to alter the nature of this relationship at any time, and to modify Terms and Conditions at any time if thus required. By violating the terms of this Agreement, any user will have his access canceled and may permanently be banned from using the Site and any of our interactive services. Users should check our terms and conditions regularly for updates. You automatically agree to updated Terms and Conditions, once you use the Site after the changes are posted, even if you have not reviewed them. Entering the Site will constitute your acceptance of these Terms of Use.

2. License and Access

You are granted a restricted and revocable licence to access and use our selected web services non-commercially, subject to your agreement with these Terms and Conditions and your payment of any applicable fees. Moreinkcartridges.ca does not discriminate on the basis of age, sexual orientation, race, gender, national origin, or religion. Users who have not yet reached the age of majority in their province of residence are allowed to use our Site Services only with involvement of a parent or a guardian.

It is prohibited to copy, duplicate, reproduce, visit, resell, sell any portion of our Website or exploit it otherwise for any commercial purpose without our precise written permission. Users are not allowed to frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any of our logo, trademark, or other exclusive data (page layout, images, from, text, etc.) without our precise written permission. Use of any meta tags or similar "hidden text" exploiting our brand or logos without our precise written permission is not allowed. Use of account data for the advantage of another merchant is not included in this licence; neither is any use of robots, data mining, or other data- gathering and extraction tools. The licence will be terminated in an event of any unauthorized use and may constitute your violation of our intellectual property rights. All rights not explicitly granted to you in these Terms and Conditions or any Service Terms are reserved by us or our suppliers, publishers, licensors, or other content providers.

3.Payment Policy

We carefully review your order to ensure its accuracy, validity of the payment method and your permission to use it. All credit card transactions are thoroughly screened against credit card fraud. Any fraud will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of the amount involved. Any of the following shall imply on Credit card fraud:

  1. Placing an order through authorised use or abuse of a third party's credit card details.
  2. Failure to pay for ordered products, caused by disagreement of a valid credit card charge with your credit card issuer for any amount that is owed and payable to us.
  3. Intentional failure to pay on your part for your ordered products.


Moreinkcartridges.ca retains the right to take legal action against any fraudulent order and claim all expenses and harms occurring from our activities to retrieve the amount of the fraudulent order.

NOTE: Check orders are not shipped unless the check clears. The shipment usually takes place after 5 business days after receiving your check. For all dishonored checks we charge $15 or the maximum allowable by law.

4.Typographical Errors

We do our best to provide as accurate descriptions, pricing and rebate information regarding our products as possible, but completeness, reliability or accuracy of such information is not guaranteed. If such information is incorrect due to technical, informational, typographical or other errors Moreinkcartridges.ca will not be responsible for any loss or discrepancy with accurate data. If the product you received does not fit the description you can return it by following Moreinkcartridges.ca Return Policy.

5.Order Acceptance Policy

Our Sites’ featured listings are advertisements to receive offers and not offers to sell items. We retain the right to review all orders and approve or disapprove them. Quantities available for sale or sold may be limited by us. We retain the right to correct, reject, cancel or end any order for any reason at any time, at our sole discretion, for any order that has been submitted, completed and/or charged to your credit card. Your credit card will be refunded promptly if the order was charged and cancelled later.

6.Restrictions on Use of Copyrights and Trademarks

This Site with all the featured material, including, but not limited to the pictures, logos, graphics, sales copy, and navigational aids are owned by us or our affiliates and licensors; they are protected from illegal plagiarism and distribution by trademark law, copyright law, international conventions and other intellectual property laws. Those who wish to use these properties must acquire our written agreement prior to use.

7.Disclaimer About Our Advertising Partners or Links We Offer to Other Sites

Moreinkcartridges.ca cooperates with some leading companies to deliver quality products and services for many products offered on the website. They are referred as Advertising Partners, but we are not associated with these companies legally, we simply cooperate with them to bring products and services to you.

All companies featured on our website are merely liable for their personal responsibilities to you. Even though we are not legally bound with these companies, we are always willing to help you may you have any issue while dealing with them.

We are not liable for any site’s content as we have no control over sites linked to our site. Be aware that you access these sites at your own risk; they are only featured on our website for your convenience. Furthermore, we do not specifically approve any product or service by merely featuring a link to their site.

8.Your Privacy Rights – How We Protect Your Information

Privacy is of outmost importance to us; therefore, we have devoted a separate section of our site completely to our policy regarding your policy safety. Please, read our Privacy Statement to find out more about the methods we use to protect customer information.

NOTE: You agree to abide by our Privacy Policy by using our website.

9. Taxes

Sales tax or any other customs duties, excise, use, value added, state, federal, use, local or other taxes are not included in the prices listed on the website. Customers will be charged sales tax GST; residents from Quebec will also be charged sales tax QST.

10. Terms of Limited Warranty

Besides 90-day risk free guarantee, Moreinkcartridges.ca also warrant to the original clients, who buy items directly from us, that all such items sold will have no defects in materials and workmanship affecting form, fit and function. Any claim under this warranty is limited to the client who bought specific item and only while the client is the owner of that item.

Such refund is only obtainable in the first 90 days from the original shipment date by Moreinkcartridges.ca . Replacement of the item is obtainable for a period of one-year from the original date of shipment by Moreinkcartridges.ca .

The Limited Warranty does not cover failures or malfunctions that resulted from abuse, misuse, alteration, neglect, problems with electrical power, usage not in accordance with product instructions, acts of nature or improper installation or repairs made by anyone other than Moreinkcartridges.ca .

11. Limitations


12. Disclaimer of Liability


13. Return Procedures

Customers should obtain RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number (call us or submit a request via our online customers inquiry form) prior to returning any product to Moreinkcartridges.ca. For complete information about returning products, see our Return Policy.

14. Manner of Refunds

Moreinkcartridges.ca issues refund in the same way as receives payment for a specific item, with some requested exceptions.

15. Undelivered Products

We make sure that you get your products as soon as possible, but sometimes carriers may be the reason why the shipment is delayed. Therefore, we have to wait 15 business days, before we can resend the product.

16. Restriction Against Component Resale

Morecartridges.ca is a retail website and therefore, those who wish to resell our products or their components should contact us first to receive written authorization. Any resale of products or their components without authorization will void all guarantees and warranties.

17. Assignment

If you wish to assign its rights or obligations you should obtain the express written consent of Moreinkcartridges.ca.

18. The Foregoing Represents the Entire Agreement

The complete agreement between Moreinkcartridges.ca and the customer regarding any purchase is constituted in these terms and conditions. Current terms and conditions explicitly replace any previous or coexistent agreements, both written and oral, relating to said sale, including any terms and conditions on any of customer's documents or purchase orders.

Any additional or conflicting terms and conditions is objected by Moreinkcartridges.ca and completely inaplicable to any sale made on the website.

This agreement shall be binding upon the heirs, successors and assigns of the parties hereto.

19. Severability of Sections

If one or more of above mentioned conditions are regarded as invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that condition shall be regarded severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other condition.

Anti-Spam Policy

Moreinkcartridges.ca has zero tolerance policy regarding spamming and the transmission of spam e-mail.

All of our affiliates are required to abide by our Anti-Spam policy and they expressly warrant that they will not engage in spamming. If you think that you have received spam e-mail, please contact us by our tollfree number 1-866-979-7463 (Est time 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday). Rest assure that your complaint will be taken seriously. Your help is invaluable when preventing sending of unauthorized e-mails.